Monday, October 12, 2009

Losing My Blog Virginity

My first blog is actually a note I wrote on Facebook. Just some things I've been dealing with and my personal feelings on certain situations. More to come later. Enjoy:

Lately I've been going through some tough times, and every person you can imagine has been trying to offer different pieces of advice based on their own personal experiences. Well, I appreciate people who care enough to try and help. But this isn't their experience. It's mine. This is my life. And everyone has had things happen to them in their pasts that shaped them differently and teach them to react to certain situations differently. Well my life is no different. I have been through some really difficult things, I have been let down time and time again, but these are my thoughts, beliefs, and I act accordingly based on my life experiences in order to cope whatever way I can. People find comfort in religion, in exercise, work, drugs and alcohol, so many different things to try and numb pain or make it go away. Some of these are better than others, but the point that most people are missing is that sometimes pain is a good thing. Its going through painful times that you learn who you can rely on, how strong you are as a person, and what route your life is suppose to take. Everyone looking in trying to give advice are going through their own set of problems, their lives are completely different from yours. Married people helping friends go through divorce, people who just had a baby helping a friend cope with a death in the family, every circumstance is different. Not saying they can't help, but ultimately they are not you and they are not going through what you are. They have their lives, so you should live yours the way YOU want to. Taking risks and chances are a part of life, and its not about knowing or being sure. Knowing isn't what drives us, what motivates us, it's the journey that is important. It's easy to run away. Especially when you are scared. But sometimes its better not to take the easy way out. I'm not one to preach, or to even try to pretend like I know whats out there in this world and beyond, but the one thing I have found in my short 22 years is that self-reliance is the most important strength anyone can have. Everyone is human, the people you put the most faith and trust into will ultimately let you down. Its a part of life. Its how you choose to react to these situations that define you as a person. That teach you character, and shape you as an individual. Everyone makes mistakes, including me, but ultimately the only thing you can control is your own actions. So many people out there try all the time to control situations that simply are impossible to contain, to do too much, care too much, try too hard, love too deeply. Well I've been guilty of all these things, but I am who I am because of them and I am happy with the person I have been, am, and who I am becoming. Sure I'm skeptical about a lot of things, sometimes a self-proclaimed cynic and for sure a realist, but that doesn't mean I'm not a good person capable of doing selfless things and caring about others more than I do myself. The thing thats important to remember is that the only thing you can control is your own actions. So live in a way that you can look back on and have no regrets. And I have none. I've been myself through every high and low, and that will never change. Being true to yourself is the only way you'll ever get through this crazy life with a little bit of sanity. If there is such a thing.

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